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• Participants must have a good physical condition.

• We accept participants between 7 and 68 years of age for our Ecoadventure Ziplining Adventure and our Ecoadventure Sunset Ziplining.

• Maximum weight allowed is 230 lbs. If the participant is 6" tall or taller we can accept up to 250 lbs. We accept a maximum waist line of 42". The is no minimum weight requirements, but if the participant weighs less than 70 lbs we do a tandem ride where the participant goes along one of our certified tour guides to make sure the participant makes it across the ziplines.

• Persons with recent injuries, surgeries, pregnancies or any other health or physical condition which makes performing the activity dangerous for you and the group are not allowed to participate.

• This activity in NOT recommended for participants afraid of heights. The participants are required to concentrate and follow instructions in order to accomplish the zipline courses safely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look at our Requirements Chart and our Health Condition Chart.

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